Lost Classics Show Number 51

"August 2021"

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Welcome to Show #50 featuring music from The Who, The McCoys, Cream, Traffic, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy, The Clash, Rancid, Kiss, Garbage, The Stray Cats, Jethro Tull, The Scorpions, The Knack, U2, Dire Straits, The Black Crowes, Golden Earring, Queen, Led Zeppelin and more.


Set 1

I Don't Mind - The Who

Sorrow - The McCoys

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic - Isaac Hays

What a Bringdown - Cream

Light Up or Leave Me Alone - Traffic

Set 1 Wrap

Set 2

Loser - Jerry Garcia

Living Wreck - Deep Purple

Might Just Take Your Life - Deep Purple

Revelation - Fleetwood Mac

Cowboy Song - Thin Lizzy

Set 2 Wrap

Set 3

Remote Control - The Clash

Salvation - Rancid

Strutter - Kiss

Silence is Golden - Garbage

Runaway Boys - The Stray Cats

Set 3 Wrap

Set 4

Radio - David Crosby

A Change of Horses - Ian Anderson

I'm Goin Mad - The Scorpions

Good Girls Don't - The Knack

Double Agent - Van Morrison

Walk On - U2

Set 4 Wrap

Set 5

Romeo and Juliett - Dire Straits

Thorn in My Pride - The Black Crowes

Candy's Going Bad - Golden Earring

Modern Times Rock n Roll - Queen

Everybody Makes It Through(In the Light early version) - Led Zeppelin

Set 5 Wrap

Last Song

I'm In The Mood - John Lee Hooker