Welcome to Glenn's Bio

I originally did Lost Classics show on www.ktstfm.com which is now www.ktstfmanaheim.com back in 2011. I recently found out from one of the DJ's that station has gone offline. My show was 30 min every week on Monday at noon, and I did the show for about 6 months, about 33 shows. My new show will be once a month for about 2 hours.

When I was about 7, a neighbor gave me a stack of 45rpm records. She said they were confiscated from her neice because they were the "Devils Music".

I just couldn't get enough. There was one Beatles record "I feel fine" with "She's a woman on the flip side". There was a bunch of Beach Boys records, a Rufas Thomas record, "Walking the Dog", and a lot of other records.

Then, I started listen to the radio. Everyday after school I would turn on 93KHJ and I couldn't turn it off. I just had to hear the next song. Anyway, I am going to share my love of music with you. I always want to hear records that I haven't heard in a while, or that never get played on the radio. My son is 18 now and he is also in love with music.