Lost Classics Show Number 46

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Welcome to Show #46 of Glenn’s Lost Classics It is March 2021 and this month I will be celebrating the birthdays of some of the best rock stars. This month will be hearing songs from Johnny Burnette, Sly Stone, Bobby Womack, Ry Cooder, The Eagles, Lou Reed, The Cars, Roger Daltrey, Yes, Robin Trower, Steely Dan, The Grateful Dead, Heart, Aerosmith, David Gilmour and many more.


Set 1

Rock Therapy - Johnny Burnette

Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You - The Bee Gees

Baby Come Back - The Equals

Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone

Dazed and Confused - The Yardbirds

Set 1 Wrap

Set 2

Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin

Lookin' for a Love - Bobby Womack

Superstar - The Carpenters

Alimony - Ry Cooder

A Certain Kind of Fool - The Eagles

Set 2 Wrap

Set 3

Ride into the Sun - Lou Reed

Don't Cha Stop - The Cars

Ride On - AC/DC

Nobody Wierd Like Me - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Caught in a Dream - The Alice Cooper Band

Set 3 Wrap

Set 4

Simple Man - Bad Company

Under a Raging Moon - Roger Daltrey

Don't Kill the Whale - Yes

Somebody Calling - Robin Trower

Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan

Set 4 Wrap

Set 5

Box of Rain - The Gratefull Dead

It's Raining - Peter Wolf

Sylvan Song - Dream of the Archer - Heart

Seasons of Wither - Aerosmith

Yes, I Have Ghosts - David Gilmour with Romany Gilmour

Set 5 Wrap

Last Song

Woke Up this Morning - Lightning Hopkins