Lost Classics Show Number 29

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Welcome to show #29 of Glenn's Lost Classics. This show will be a tribute to Jimi Hendrix for his birthday on Nov 27th. This show will have three Hendrix sets and three sets of other artists with November birthdays. In set 3 you will hear, Gordon Lightfoot, Dr. John, Duane Allman, Little Steven, and Randy Newman. Set 4 will include Neil Young, Graham Parker, Blondie, Joe Walsh and Fleetwood Mac, and Set 5 will have Montrose, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, Heart and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This show will contain the not so often played Jimi Hendrix tunes and there will be a few of the more well known songs but as always I play the music that I think sounds the best and hasn't been played on the radio over and over. I will start with my favorite Hendrix song Ezy Rider which is the first song in my first show. It is also from what would have been Jimi's fourth studio album The Cry of Love. This album was released in 1971 just after he passed away and the selections on that album were chosen by recording engineer Eddie Kramer and Drummer Mitch Mitchell. You can get more Jimi Hendrix music and merchandise here: www.jimihendrix.com Let's get into some Hendrix!


Set 1

Ezy Rider - Jimi Hendrix

Valleys of Neptune - Jimi Hendrix

Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix

Mr Bad Luck - Jimi Hendrix

Room Full of Mirrors - Jimi Hendrix

Wild Thing - Jimi Hendrix

Set 1 Wrap

Set 2

1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) - Jimi Hendrix

My Friend - Jimi Hendrix

Loverman - Jimi Hendrix

Power of Soul - Jimi Hendrix

In From the Storm - Jimi Hendrix

Remember - Jimi Hendrix

Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix

Set 2 Wrap

Set 3

Summer Side of Life - Gordon Lightfoot

Gri-Gri Gumbo Ya Ya - Dr. John Creaux

Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers

I am a Patriot - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul

Gone Dead Train - Randy Newman

Set 3 Wrap

Set 4

Sample and Hold - Neil Young

Local Girls - Gram Parker & The Rumor

Mother - Blondie

Tomorrow - Joe Walsh

The Chain (LIve) - Fleetwood Mac

Set 4 Wrap

Set 5

Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose

Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

Caught in a Dream - Alice Cooper

Bebe Le Strange - Heart

By the Way - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Set 5 Wrap

Set 6

Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix

Somewhere - Jimi Hendrix

Drifting - Jimi Hendrix

Third Stone from the Sun - Jimi Hendrix

Highway Child - Jimi Hendrix

Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix

Set 6 Wrap

Killing Floor - Howlin Wolf