Lost Classics Show Number 1

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Show 1 Intro

musical bed, Bottleneck - Earl Slick

Set 1

Easy Rider - Jimi Hendrix

Holiday - Nazareth

Walk On - Neil Young

Let Me Go - The Rolling Stones

Mr. Brown - Bob Marley

Set 1 recap

musical bed, Easy Rider

Set 2

Tight Spots - Ted Nugent

Sugaree - Jerry Garcia

Who Needs Ya - Steppenwolf

Highway Chile - Jimi Hendrix

Set 2 recap

musical bed, Morocan Sunset - Joe Satriani

Set 3

Show 1 Set 3

Peaches in Regalia - Frank Zappa

First I Look at the Purse - J. Geils Band

Moon is Up - The Rolling Stones

905 - The Who

Seven Days - Ron Wood

Set 3 recap

musical bed, Peaches in Regalia

Set 4

Show 1 Set 4

Send it To Me - The Rolling Stones

Sanctuary - J. Geils Band

Up the Neck - The Pretenders

Runaway Trains - Tom Petty

Pressure Drop - The Clash

Set 4 recap

musical bed, You Got to Move - Rolling Stones

Set 5

Show 1 Set 5

Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings - ZZ Top

Penthouse Pauper - Creedence Clearwater Revival

My Life Your World - Tom Petty

Set 5 recap

musical bed, Wouldn't Touch it with a Ten Foot Pole - ZZ Top

Goin' Down Slow - Howlin Wolf